Brothers Stephen and Michael Klinge start a chemical distribution business together in London called Klinge Chemicals Ltd.


Rather than buying and selling chemicals, Stephen and Michael decide to concentrate their energies on being the best in the market at manufacturing a single product – high quality potassium chloride for the pharmaceutical and food markets. Scotland’s first ‘New Town’ – East Kilbride – is decided on as the location for the manufacturing plant.


Klinge Chemicals Ltd fully relocate to East Kilbride and the first potassium chloride is exported for use in pharmaceutical manufacture.


Development work commences on an idea the brothers have to make a difference to people’s health – blending their potassium chloride with regular salt (sodium chloride) to make a reduced sodium salt.


Klinge Foods Ltd is incorporated and LoSalt launches in the UK market


LoSalt export begins with the product being launched in Ireland, Holland, Belgium, France and Malta


LoSalt launches in: Spain, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Mauritius, Portugal, Turkey, New Zealand, Norway


LoSalt launches in: Hong Kong, Romania, Austria, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, North & South Cyprus and Iceland


After graduating from University and having worked in industry for several years, Stephen’s daughter Caroline joins the business


A major milestone for LoSalt is achieved with launch into the USA


LoSalt’s reach grows now being available in countries such as Tunisia, Thailand and Canada to name but a few new markets


Season with Sense campaign launched