Strawberry & Mint Salad

You can add walnuts if you fancy – they go really well!


Irish Soda Bread

Best eaten on the day it was made. Add dried mixed herbs or onions for extra flavour or use plain wholemeal flour for extra fibre.

Sumac Roasted Cauliflower Salad

Any leftovers are great for pack lunches or picnics. Try using broccoli instead of cauliflower.

Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad

Try adding cooked king prawns.

Yoghurt Panna Cotta with Salted Nut Brittle

Prepare the day before and leave to set overnight. Store the brittle in an airtight container and break into shards just before serving.

Sourdough Bread

If you don’t have a saucepan big enough, simply add the dish of water next to the bread from the start of cooking and cook for 35-40 mins.

Thai Prawn Noodle Soup

Try using egg noodles or folded rice noodles and replace the prawns with roasted shredded chicken.

Poached Pears with Walnut Chocolate Sauce

Try using peaches or nectarines and sprinkle with pistachio nuts.

Falafel Koftas with Raita Sauce

Great served in toasted pittas with salad. Try shaping into rounds and fry instead of serving on skewers.

Slow-Cooked Chilli Con Carne

Try using black beans to replace the kidney beans or serve spooned over jacket potatoes.